Professor Raphael D. Levine

In honor of Prof. Raphael Levine

June 18, 2018

פרופ' רפי לוין

18.06.2018 בשעה 14:00‬
‫‫בבית האקדמיה, כיכר אלברט אינשטיין 
רחוב ‬ ‫ז'בוטינסקי‬ 43, ירושלים‬


Erich Sackmann to give a tutorial on the Cell Membranes, Adhesion and Locomotion

May 16, 2018

1100 Lecture 1: The shell-string (tensegrity) model of cells
 The composite cell envelope
 Self-stabilization of cells by actin-microtubule cross talk
 A short look at the classical thermodynamic-elastic concept
 of membrane sculpturing
 An example: Lipid-protein sorting by the concept of
 hydrophobic matching.
 Adhesion domains as generators of solitary actin gelation